Does your Insurance Agent have your best interest at heart?

Did you know that insurance prices vary, and you may be paying more than you should? Some people do not realize that you can shop around for Insurance Quotes, and many have been paying the same, overpriced rate for years!

When you begin looking for insurance, you should find an agent/broker that you trust. An Agent has a responsibility to the customer, as well as the Insurance company. Independent agents may work with several larger Insurance Companies, which allows them a wide array of options for their customers to choose from. Our agents at A Plus always have the customers best interest at heart.

We believe by being personable, knowledgeable, and diligent, we offer the best service out there. We do not believe in pressuring our customers into purchasing any product, actually the complete opposite, we regularly tell the customer to think about it and shop around before making a decision. We are locally, family owned and we believe in taking the time with each client making sure they understand their coverages, and we are finding the best rate for them.

Not sure if your Insurance Company has your best Interest at heart? Give A Plus a call and our agents will take care of you!

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