What States Are the Best for Going Solar?


There is TWO major factors that’s must be consider for Solar (PV).


  1. The amount of sunlight per a year.
  2. The amount of Incentives available to homeowners.


The amount of sun a state gets is a no brainer! If you stood outside everyday and timed the amount of sunlight your roof gets… Can tell you exactly if Solar PV is a fit for you.


In case you didn’t know… These are the best states in the U.S for Solar.




The incentives are the next important part of solar as well. You can have all of the sunlight is the world but if you don’t have the money to pay for Solar PV what sense would it make?


States Like Arizona and Nevada that get the most sunlight in the nation are not even on the top 10 list for (ROI).



Massachusetts ranks number one for having Solar PV paid for by incentives even though they gets an annual sunlight of 60%!!!


South Carolina see an average of a 10 year payback. Fortunately Sopko Solar customers see an average of 6.5 year (ROI)






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