Solar Energy In Anderson SC

It has never made more sense than it does now to go solar. Just one look at your utility bill will tell you that you are paying too much to the electric company every single month only to have them raise the prices on you again in the future. So what are the benefits of solar and why should you seriously consider making the switch today? 

  • Solar Can Save Money On Your Electric Bill
  • You’ll See Lower Ancillary Charges On Your Utility Bill
  • Owning Solar Can Make The Utility Pay You 
  • You Can Receive A Free Home Solar Evaluation
  • South Carolina Has An Incredible Solar Resource
  • Ability To Be Environmentally Responsible While Saving Money
  • Federal Tax Incentives To Make Solar More Affordable
  • State Tax Incentives To Make Solar More Affordable
  • It Will Encourage Your Neighbors To Follow Your Lead

Solar Can Save Money On Your Electric Bill 

When a consumer pulls a kilowatt hour off of the grid and uses it to power something in your home, their electric meter registers this, and then the utility can charge them for it. When the consumer gets their electricity from a solar array, this does not turn the meter which means the utility can no longer charge you for that same kilowatt hour used. The more solar energy that is generated by a residential system, the lower your energy bill will be each month. If you are able to only use as much energy as your array produces, there will be no charges received from the utility that month. Typically, because the summer months have more hours of sunshine, you will see your lowest electric bills in these months. 

You’ll See Lower Ancillary Charges On Your Utility Bill 

Some of the charges on your electric bill are to cover the upkeep and maintenance of the transmission lines that bring the electricity you use from the grid to your home. When you use natural sunshine to produce your own electricity, there is no use of the grid and thus these charges are lower. Because the utility needs to deliver less energy to your home, you are rewarded in the form of lower ancillary charges on your monthly utility bill. 

Owning Solar Can Make The Utility Pay You 

In the most ideal cases, your solar system will produce more energy than your household uses. This means that you are actually exporting energy back to the grid and your electric meter will turn backwards. This means that your utility will now have to cut you a check each month that you export energy to the grid because they are required to accept that energy. This way, your high quality solar system changes the narrative from you paying an electric bill each month to you now receiving a check from the utility each month. 

You Can Receive A Free Home Solar Evaluation 

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners are unwilling to make the switch to solar energy is because they fear it will cost too much money. Luckily, you can check to see if you can eliminate your utility bills at no cost to you. This is because you can get a free home solar evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for solar power. The evaluation will look into the positioning of your home, the available roof space, and local ordinances to see if you qualify as a good solar candidate. 

South Carolina Has An Incredible Solar Resource 

South Carolina is known for its beautiful beaches which means it is also known for tons of sunshine. This, when paired with little to no snow year round, makes for the perfect environment that solar systems can thrive. Additionally, while South Carolina is warm, it doesn’t get quite as warm as some south western states. Solar arrays operate less efficiently when they overheat at thus a more moderate climate like South Carolina is sure to boost overall efficiency allowing you to see a return on your investment even more quickly. Residents of Anderson SC can cash in on this environmentally and economically friendly opportunity if they simply call for a free quote. 

Ability To Be Environmentally Responsible While Saving Money 

The energy you receive from a utility is a combination of many different form of power generation. It contains some electrons that were produced from a coal fired power plant, some from a natural gas fired power plant, some renewable energy sources and perhaps even some nuclear generation. This is known as the energy “mix” of a particular utility. This means that by using this energy, you are directly responsible for the various negative environmental impacts of these largely outdated fossil fuel fired power plants. When you purchase a quality solar system for your roof, you know exactly where every kilowatt hour is coming from because you were able to produce it yourself from nothing more than the power of the sun. This is used to both conserve energy and offset thousands of tons of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere each year. It is estimated that a single residential solar system can offset up to three tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Perhaps the best part of this environmental solution is that you are saving money while being kind to the planet. 

Federal Tax Incentives To Make Solar More Affordable 

Perhaps the biggest financial incentive to have solar panels installed on your roof is the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC is a federal regulation which allows consumers to take a tax credit on the following years taxes equal to 30% of the total cost of a solar installation. For example, if the total cost of your installation was $10,000, you would receive $3,000 back when the following year’s tax returns are sent out by the federal government. The ITC was designed to encourage consumers to make the switch to solar and has been one of the single largest driving forces of the renewable energy revolution that we are currently experiencing both in Anderson SC and across the entire country. 

State Tax Incentives To Make Solar More Affordable 

In addition to the federal tax incentives, South Carolina also offers state tax incentives to further encourage consumers to make the switch to solar. South Carolina currently has a personal tax credit that is redeemable for up to 25% of eligible solar costs. You can also speak with your local utility, such as Duke Energy, who will be able to bring your attention to a variety of other local incentives to make the switch to solar. Duke Energy and similar utilities can benefit from more customers having solar and thus they will want to help you in any way possible along the way. 

It Will Encourage Your Neighbors To Follow Your Lead 

Neighbors tend to take notice of their other neighbors and what is new in their lives. Having a solar array installed on your roof is a great way to strike up a conversation about the many benefits of solar and why you decided to make the switch. By hearing the positives of solar energy from a neighbor rather than from a salesman, they will be much more receptive of what they are hearing which means there is an improved probability that they will go through the process as well. You have the ability to lead by example by being the first neighbor on your street to implement solar and begin to conserve energy. Before you know it, an increasing percentage of the homes on your block could invest in solar which in turn could increase your over all property value. 

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There is absolutely no cost for a free quote. The only thing you have to lose are your high costs and you could even eliminate your utility bills. A solar system on your roof is not only providing clean and renewable energy to homeowners, but it is also saving them thousands of dollars each and every year. Additionally, you are able to monetize both federal and local tax incentives that make the payback period for the entire system even shorter. The price of a residential solar array has never been lower than it is today. So call for a free quote today and see if you qualify for a new solar installation. You and your wallet will be happy you did!

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