Now is the time to Go Solar!

The incentive to pay for solar are increasing. What does that mean for you? More SAVINGS! Do you keep seeing the increasing number of Solar Panels on roofs as you drive to work,school, or home? That is because you do not need a large sump of cash in your hand to GO SOLAR. Lets us show you how you can qualify for the multiple incentives to pay for your own Solar Energy Power Plant. 

How Does Solar Save You Money?

Homeowners are frequently faced with high energy bills usually due to energy waste to an inefficient use of power in the home. This is especially true in more southern states such as South Carolina where the air conditioner may be running for more than half the year. This is where a photovoltaic system may be beneficial to homeowners. So how exactly does a photovoltaic array help you save money?
  • By Reducing Your Utility Bill
  • Because Renewable Energy Is Always Cheaper Than Utility Costs
  • By Avoiding The Payment Of Demand And Transmission Charges
  • By Monetizing Incentives
  • By Reducing Your Utility Bill
  • Simply put, for every kilowatt-hour that a panel on your roof generates, this is one less kilowatt-hour that you must buy from a utility. In theory, if your system produced more energy than you consumed, you would never have to pay another penny to the utility again.

Because Renewable Energy Is Always Cheaper Than Utility Costs

One of the greatest things about renewable energy is that the “fuel” is provided at no cost to you from the sun. When you purchase electricity from the utility, they must raise their prices accordingly with fluctuations in fossil fuel costs which are burned to generate electricity. They keep saying “Working today for a smarter tomorrow”, but when will the cost stop increasing? Solar Energy is free which means it will always be cheaper to produce your own electricity.

By Avoiding The Payment Of Demand And Transmission Charges

If you inspect your electric bill each month, you will notice that there is a line for both demand charges and transmission charges. First, demand charges are for when a customer requires power during peak usage hours which can be much higher than normal rates. Transmissions charges on the other hand are assessed to your bill for the use of the transmission lines that brought the power from the utility’s power plant to your home. By utilizing solar, electricity is delivered right from the panels to your home at no cost to you.

By Monetizing Incentives

One of the best things about renewable energy is that it comes with various financial incentives to help encourage people to adopt the technology. For example, every residential system in the United States is eligible for the investment tax credit (ITC) which allows the homeowner to take a credit on their taxes equal to 30% of the total cost of the materials and installation of the array. Because this is a credit instead of a deduction, you actually see every dollar of this tax credit back in your pocket once you file your taxes.


Photovoltaic arrays undoubtedly save money for consumers. This is especially true in sunnier states such as South Carolina. By being informed about ways in which homeowners can reduce energy waste and save money, they are well on their way to getting panels up on their roof and more money in their pocket each month. Most renewable energy companies will even provide a free quote to see what your up front cost would be if you decide to make the switch. GET A QUOTE!

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