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Sudhnuti District

Sudhnuti was carved out of district Poonch in 1995. The district is bounded to Rawalakot district in the north, to Kotli in the south and is bounded to Pakistan in the west. Total area of the district is 569 square kilometers. Total population of the district according to 1998-census stands at 214,000, which is projected to be 219,000 in 1999. The district comprises two tehsils i.e. Pallandari and Balooch.

Pullandri and Sudhanuti
Pullandri and Sudhanuti are situated at 1372m above sea-level. Located 97Km from Rawalpindi (Pakistan) via Azad Pattan. The two places have wonderful and picturesque landscape with green mountains all around.

Tarkhal is a small town situated 129Km from Kohala and at 1982m above sea-level. Trarkhal is most famous for its radio station which was used for transmitting news to people in Indian-Occupied-Kashmir.

Aliabad is at 2134m above sea level located almost 112 kilometers from Rawalakot. The place is surrounded by thick mixed forests of Deodar, blue pine and fir.

Area 569 square kilometers
Population 219,000



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