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Mirpur District

Mirpur district, lies in foothills, comprises partly plain and partly hilly areas. Its hot climate and other geographical conditions closely resemble those of Jhelum and Gujrat, the adjoining districts of Pakistan. It shares borders with Pakistan in the west, with Kotli in the north and is bounded to district Bhimber of the state in the northeast. The district is divided in two sub-divisions/tehsils with total area 1010 square kilometers. According to 1998-census total population of the district stands at 323,000, which is estimated to be 333,000 according to projections of 1999.

level and is linked with the main Peshawar-Lahore Grand Trunk road at Dina. The building of the new city in late sixties paved the way for new Mirpur situated on the banks of Mangla lake. District Mirpur is developing into an industrial area very rapidly. Textile, vegetable ghee, logging and sawmills, soap, cosmetics, marble, ready-made garments, matches, resin, turpentine and Vespa scooter industrial units have already been established in the area. Mangla is a small but beautiful modern town in the district situated 16Km from Mirpur at the mouth of the Mangla Dam.

Khari Sharif
Located 8Km from Mirpur is Khari Sharif. Known for housing the Shrine of the Sufi Saint known as Baba Pir-e-Shah Ghazi (Damrian Wali Sarkar). The place acts as a great seat of learning for students of Islam. Darvishs (disciples) of the Saint can be seen today wandering in AJK and Pakistan. Also at Khari Sharif is the Shrine of the late Mian Mohammed Baksh who wrote the famous tale Saif-ul-Muluk.

Mangla Dam
Mangla Dam is the most famous attractive place for tourists in Mirpur district. The construction of the Dam reservoir, which has a perimeter of 400Km, has turned it into a place of tourist.

The fort is located on the Mangla Dam bank. It overlooks the Mangla dam partially. The castle serves as a historical backdrop. People in large number visit the place, particularly in summer. A beautiful park has been laid inside the castle, which serves as a picnic spot for the nature lovers.

Area 1010 square kilometers
Population 333,000

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