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Kashmiri cuisine has some special variations on normal Indian & Pakistani food. Houseboat food tends to retain its early English influence, which is not a good sign! Some Kashmiri dishes are:
Gushtaba - pounded and spiced meat balls cooked in the yoghurt sauce. The meat is usually mutton or goat.
Rista - rice balls very similar to gushtaba but with less meat and less spice in the sauce.
Roghan Josh - also fairly common elsewhere in Kashmir, this is basically curried mutton, but a good roghan josh will be cooked in yoghurt (curd) with a careful blend of exotic spices and added ingredients.
Yaknee - similar to roghan josh.
Tabak maz - fried meat, not spiced at all.
Marchwangan kurma - a hot mutton curry, usually served with rice and nan bread.
Methi kurma - vegetables with chopped intestines, which taste much better than it sound.
Karma Sag - made from the popular Dal Lake vegetable knows as lak, which is a little like giant spinach.
Nadru yekni - a very tasty dish made from lotus roots, cooked with curd or yoghurt.
Kashmiri nan - the usual flat bread but with sultanas and nuts backed in it. Kashmiri nan is really delicious but Kashmiri bread is also good.
Kashmiris also make a fruit and nut pillau, which is a bit like fried fruit, salad! Popular vegetables include bartha (minced aubergines) and bhindi (lady's finger).


Kashmiri tea is a fragrant, delicate blend flavoured with cardamom and ginger. It is delightfully thirst-quenching drinks and quite possibly the best tea in India and Pakistan! A really good cup of this kahwa tea will be brewed in a samovar (tea urn) and have grated almonds in it. It's usually drunk without milk.


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