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District Bagh was carved out of District Poonch in 1988. The district shares its borders with Muzaffarabad in the north, with Poonch district in the south, with Baramulla (occupied Kashmir) in the east and is bounded to Pakistan in the west. Total area of the district is 1368 square kilometers.

Total population of the district according to 1998 census stands at 395000, which is estimated to be 404,000 according to 1999 projections. The district is divided into 3 tehsils. Bagh district is linked to Muzaffarabad by two roads, one via Sudhan Gali (80Km) and the other through Kohala (97Km). It is situated 46Km from Rawalakot. The district is well known for its confectionery and bakery products.


Situated at 1676m above see level, Dhirkote is a fascinating and charming place located 24Km from Kohala. Dhirkote possesses an extremely pleasant and healthy climate. The place is very popular for its beautiful landscape with Deodar and Kail forests.

Neela Butt
It is located 6Km from Dhirkote at an altitude of 2000m above sea level. It was at this place on 23rd August 1947, the local liberation fighters, aiming to get independence, met and made decisions to free Kashmir from the clutches of Dogra ruler. Neela Butt is regarded as the birthplace of the independence. movement and hence the AJK government has built a memorial here.

Ganga Choti.
Located at a height of 2134m above sea-level and a short distance from Bagh, this scenic spot serves as a base camp for those going hiking/trekking to the nearby 3045m high mountain, Ganga Choti.

Las Danna
An another captivating spot of natural scenery and beauty. It is 15 kilometers from Bagh city.

Area 1368 Square Kilometers
Population 404,000

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