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Amar Mahal

This is a beautiful palace of red sand stone which stands amidst the most picturesque environments of Jammu. There is beautiful view of the Shivaliks at the north and the River Tawi flows down below. adding to the Grandeur. This was once the residential palace of Raja Amar Singh. the palace has been converted to a museum and is looked after by Hari-Tara Charitable trust. The museum has a golden throne made of 120kg pure gold sofaand has golden lions embedded into it.

The throe is placed in a hexagonal room The museum has a gallery of paintings of paintings known as NAL DAMYANTI. It has a library of around 25000 books on various subjects and disciplines. This is really a beautiful spot to be visited round the year in Jammu. Hotel Hari Nivas Palace Hotel :A heritage Hotel is also located adjacent to this.  Auto Rickshaws from anywhere in the Jammu city can take you to this place on payment of nominal charges. Minibuses do also ply but are not allowed to enter the Palace complex so you have to walk upto the palace.

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