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My name is Naeem Butt. I was born in Lahore,. My Dad's family immigrated to Lahore from Srinagar, Kashmir in 1929. I later left for England, where I went to study Accountancy, in September 1974. I did a (Graduate) Degree in Politic, English, History, Pascal Programming, FCostE (Fellow Association of Cost Engineers).

I have fond memories of Lahore, where I spent most of my youth. I had many friends there but have only been able to keep in touch with a few, so if my name sounds familiar and the year is about right, please contact me by email (click on the email icon on the front page). While in Pakistan I played badminton at national level (under 18). I continued playing badminton in England. I still play the occasional game, just to keep my eye in and the weight down.

My pride and joy, Omair, Zara, Zan and Fiza.


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